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We Deliver Lifecycle Solutions to Entrepreneurs in Mongolia & Beyond 

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Mongoljin’s seasoned merchant bankers are highly experienced in Mongolia strategy, finance and operations, including successfully managing the full cash lifecycle, which is perhaps the greatest challenge for local enterprises.

Mongoljin provides a variety of capital solutions to local enterprises; however, the intellectual capital contributed by our merchant bankers to our investment partnerships is even more valuable than the financial capital we contribute.


Mongoljin provides private capital solutions to Mongolian enterprises, at each lifecycle stage.

Business Loans

Mongoljin provides working-capital loans to Mongolian Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Trade Finance

Mongoljin provides import / export financing. We also provide escrow services for commodities traders, to intermediate between buyer & seller.

Project Finance
Mongoljin provides project finance, inclusive of high-value-added project advisory, to project-focused companies with signed, milestone-based contracts for capital projects in Mongolia.

Venture Capital

Mongoljin makes control investments in high-potential, seed/early stage ventures, providing financial AND intellectual capital. Our control-investment approach substantially increases the likelihood of investment success, because our interests are strongly aligned with the firm's success; moreover, we expect our entrepreneur team partners to have significant "skin-in-the-game" (capital at risk). This serious "sink-or-swim together" approach ensures teamwork, because all interests are aligned - everyone is motivated.

Growth Capital

Mongoljin makes control investments in sound companies poised for rapid growth, providing financial & intellectual capital. Our proprietary investing focuses on strategic opportunities that have the potential to yield Cash Return On Invested Cash (CROIC) that is at least thrice the average long-term bank deposit rate, in MNT. We expect our entrepreneur / manager team partners to have significant "skin-in-the-game". This ensures that all interests are fully aligned.

Management Buyouts

Mongoljin looks to partner with exceptional Management Teams, on a case-by-case basis, for control buyouts. We expect our management team partners to have significant "skin-in-the-game". This ensures that all interests are aligned.


Mongoljin provides wealth management and financial advisory services, including overseas advisory, to private clients. Mongoljin also provides access to alternative investments.

Fixed Income Investments

Mongoljin provides high-yield trust CDs, in local & foreign currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, RUB)

Equity Investments

Mongoljin principals leverage their venture capital investment & operational experience to provide bespoke alternative investment options.

Hybrid Investments

Mongoljin designs bespoke investments that comprise fixed income + equity components.

Financial Planning

Planning for your family's future is an essential part of a sound wealth management strategy.


Retirement Transition

After illustrious careers building their enterprises, many entrepreneurs pass the company to their children; whereas, others pursue an exit. We help entrepreneurs facilitate either retirement path.

Investment Strategy

In addition to providing wealth management products, we can assist with developing an investment strategy customized to your needs.


Fiduciary Trust & Legal Advisory

Our qualified attorney can assist with structuring your estate, tax planning and other legal affairs. Mongoljin is licensed as a trustee by the FRC.


Mongoljin is unusual among local firms for consistently earning double-digit Return on Investment (ROI), which is substantiated by actual Cash Flow from Operations. As broadly experienced merchants and bankers, we have learned to focus on the primary sustainability metric: Free Cash Flow from Operations (FCFO). We measure financial performance against international benchmarks, not local benchmarks, since competition is increasingly global in scale.



Our new venture planning helps entrepreneurs develop holistic, top-down business plans that comprise strategy formulation & business model development, as well as, strategic planning for implementation, including operational startup. Business analytics is one of our modeling tools.


Competitive Strategy
Our competitive strategy consulting focuses on helping our clients compete against established firms in the same industry. Our goal is to enable firms to achieve competitive advantage on the basis of differentiation, cost leadership, or focus, not on the basis of price. (Porter, 1996)


Functional Strategy
Our functional strategy consulting focuses on helping our clients achieve competitive advantage, through tailored application of function-specific strategy and technical management. For example, we help clients design and implement cashflow management systems, because strong cash management is a competitive advantage in Mongolia.

Project Strategy

Strategy is implemented via strategic projects. Formulating the best strategy is meaningless, if the strategy cannot be effectively and efficiently implemented. Mongoljin principals leverage megaproject experience on 5 continents/MENA to deliver project strategy consulting, plus expert project management & project control, for complex CapEx/capital projects in Mongolia.


Corporate Strategy

Our pedigree as entrepreneurs, enterprise analysts & merchant bankers forms the foundation of our expertise to assist other companies, as strategy consultants. We believe it is insufficient to just disseminate business-best-practices - we must demonstrate our expertise by successfully applying those business-best-practices, in the real world.


Organic Synergies

Our corporate strategy consulting focuses on achieving synergistic integration between individual business units, typically in different industries, by leveraging corporate resources & capabilities. Reducing weighted cost of capital (finance), implementing umbrella branding / identifying brand extension opportunities (marketing), improving scale / scope economies (operations) & identifying market / industry entry options are ways we can create organic value.

Inorganic Synergies

In addition to Organic Growth Strategies, we can assist your enterprise with evaluating and/or financing synergistic mergers & acquisitions.

Enterprise Analytics

We have decades of hands-on experience with enterprise data analysis. We combine our expert data analysis, business analytics & management science to glean critical insights from your data. Our enterprise data platform provides valuable insights to your data 24/7, via our web portal.

Management Coaching

Mongoljin provides expert coaching, including management & strategy workshops, to serious entrepreneurs & executive management teams, who are building their competitive enterprises.

Corporate Counsel

Our qualified, in-house attorney is a highly experienced businessperson & entrepreneur in her own right, who can assist with your firm's corporate legal advisory needs, including LLC formation, contracts, litigation & debt recovery.

Our in-house attorney has a decade of direct experience as fiduciary trust agent for investors.

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