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Strategy is a System Concept Which Gives Coherence and Direction to Growth of a Complex Organization

The New Corporate Strategy (Igor Ansoff: "The Father of Strategic Management", 1988)


MSE-Listed Company: Dairy Industry - CapEx Budgeting 



Mongoljin advised one of Mongolia's largest dairy companies on developing its 2020-24 CapEx budget. The strategic consultancy delivered a thesis-caliber report, which included a fact-based, top-down analysis of the dairy industry at the Global, Asia and Mongolia levels that identified critical megatrends; furthermore, it identified cashflow improvement opportunities equating to 13% of total sales for the prior 7 years. The CapEx Plan also analyzed the existing product portfolio, evaluated new product investment opportunities, and force-ranked existing and new product opportunities using Absolute and Relative NPV - in order to construct a fact-based, product-portfolio investment strategy. Mongoljin also led multiple, business strategy training workshops for the senior management team, to facilitate strategic implementation.


Client Outcome: The Client received a critical strategic assessment, CapEx plan & budget designed to deliver 30% Return on Equity (ROE) without extra capital, concrete advice on improving cash flow, and senior management training in strategy.

Private Company: Financial Sector - Marketing Strategy


Mongoljin developed an innovative marketing strategy for a financial institution's new investment products and services.  


Client Outcome: The Client received a customized marketing strategy, which leverages the firm's competitive advantages in investment management. The net economics of the strategy will enable the firm to further outperform its competitors. The firm's Focus Strategy enables it to outperform ALL of its competitors listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE).

International NGO: Meat Industry - Value Chain Analysis


Mongoljin advised one of the leading International NGOs in Mongolia on the Economics of the Beef Supply Chain. The study combined large-scale primary data collection, in Mongolia, with extensive international secondary data collection. The fact-based consultancy utilized Applied Economics as the core methodology to analyze the data and provide insights.


Client Outcome: The Client received a thesis-caliber report (in English & Mongolian) that provided extensive insights on the macroeconomic trends and microeconomics of the Beef Supply Chain at the International and local (Mongolian) levels. In addition, the report contained a pro forma budget for beef feedlots that was tailored to the Mongolia marketplace.

Private Company: Healthcare Sector - Market Entry & Ops



Mongoljin performed an IVF market-entry analysis, and delivered operational improvements, for an established OB/GYN.


Client Outcome: The Client received a top-down, global & national market-entry analysis, plus operational improvements.

Private Company: Textile Industry - Production Scheduling


Mongoljin delivered a customized, production-scheduling solution to a bespoke manufacturer of high-quality textiles.


Client Outcome: The Client receive a customized, dynamic-production-scheduling solution, inclusive of software training, to enable quickly shifting production among different products / resources, while visualizing production capacity, human resources, customer delivery dates and future cash flows. The Client also received strategic business advice.

Private Company: Retail Sector / RE - Positioning Strategy



Mongoljin performed a global & national retail sector analysis, and developed a R/E centric strategy for a specialty retailer.


Client Outcome: The Client received a top-down, global & national retail sector analysis plus a retail positioning strategy.

Corporate Group: Multiple Sectors - Strategy Training


Mongoljin delivered customized, in-person business strategy training to the CXO personnel, and potential future CXO personnel, of one the most prominent corporate groups in Mongolia.  In addition to presenting multiple strategic frameworks, the training demonstrated how to apply strategic theory to analyze and solve real-world strategy cases.


Client Outcome: Trainees learned to differentiate between General Management and Strategic Management, while acquiring practical tools, skills and system perspectives on Strategic Thinking and Strategic Analysis for business. 

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