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London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (

British Association of Trade & Commerce in Mongolia (

European Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (

Australian Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (

MONGOLJIN is an active contributor to the local business communities in which the firm operates. For example, the firm regularly delivers pro bono workshops to the members of local business chambers, as detailed below, to facilitate the growth and development of SMEs (small & medium enterprises). Furthermore, the firm has tirelessly advocated for improved financial transparency and more sound financial management among foreign BMOs (business membership organizations) operating in Mongolia, a country that has systemic issues with transparency. Indeed, MONGOLJIN continually advocates for foreign BMOs in Mongolia to follow global best practices, by posting their financial statements online ( & and fully disclosing the salaries of their leadership teams. Moreover, as a firm deeply engaged with management consulting, MONGOLJIN is a staunch advocate for Management by Measurement (KPIs, OKRs, etc.) by foreign BMOs - in order to drive greater value for foreign BMO members and set a positive example of global best practices for Mongolian BMOs.


1. Strategic Entrepreneurship  (BritCham, UB, 2023.02)

2. Financial Planning & Analysis  (EuroChamber, UB, 2023.03)

3. Organizational Dynamics  (German DMUV, UB, 2023.04)

4. Operations Management  (AmCham, UB, 2023.07)

5. Strategic Planning  (AmCham Staff, UB, 2023.09)

6. Strategic Management  (AustCham, UB, 2023.11)

7. Strategic Entrepreneurship (London Chamber of Commerce, 2023.11)

8. Strategic Thinking for Enterprises (Tower Club, DC, 2024.01)

9. Megaproject Management  (BritCham, UB, 2024.02)

10. Financial Planning & Analysis (German DMUV, UB, c.2024.06)

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