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Driving Strategic Thinking & Competitive Advantage for Entrepreneurs & Enterprises

Private Capital

Mongoljin’s seasoned merchant bankers are highly experienced in Mongolia strategy, finance & operations. Mongoljin provides debt & equity capital solutions; however, the intellectual capital contributed by our merchant bankers is even more valuable. We set the bar high: the internal hurdle rate for our proprietary investment portfolio is +30%.

Business Strategy

We draw on our expertise as merchant bankers  and successful operating investors to advise clients on strategy. Moreover, we coach clients on the theory of strategy, leveraging our world-class educational backgrounds in business & economics (e.g. Kellogg, Oxford, Harvard, London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins University, Durham, Cambridge, Georgia Tech, Sheffield &

IU-Bloomington [Kelley])

Corp. Development

Mongoljin assists Mongolian entrepreneurs with developing their global export markets, while advising expatriate entrepreneurs on market entry, operational management, and capital investment in Mongolia. Mongoljin principals possess expert-level skills and first-hand experience in Mongolia high finance, including international venture capital & megaproject finance.

Wealth Management

Mongoljin provides bespoke financial and legal advisory services, including family office services & wealth management, to Mongolian entrepreneurs and their businesses. Mongoljin also provides proprietary access to long-term, high-yield investment options & bespoke investments, such as high-yield fixed income + equity kickers.


Like many traditional merchant banks, Mongoljin evolved from international trading into the business of private banking for merchants. Our story began in 1997, when Urnaa started trading goods between the United States and Mongolia. At that time, just 7 years after the fall of communism, Mongolia's supply chain was substantially underdeveloped; furthermore, having been under the influence of the Soviet Union, relatively little was known about Mongolia in the United States. Urnaa, a teenage management & international business student at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, recognized the opportunity to supply modern products to Mongolia, while introducing Mongolia and its fine craft products to the United States. Decades later, Mongoljin has refined its business model into an integrated activity set that is carefully designed to serve the merchant banking, management consulting, and wealth management needs of entrepreneurs, their enterprises, and their families.


Our mission is to assist serious entrepreneurs in growing their enterprises and wealth, through the demonstrated application and dissemination of world-class, enterprise management practices, while earning favorable, risk-adjusted returns for our long-term investors. We do this by leveraging our expertise in finance & strategy to help our entrepreneur clients build more competitive and more resilient enterprises. Our expertise as strategists, in particular, enables of us to help our entrepreneur clients position their enterprises and their families for long-term financial success.

We support entrepreneurs along the entire enterprise lifecycle, from lending to small firms, to investing equity in growth businesses, to providing business strategy & corporate development consulting to middle-market companies, to delivering wealth management, family office & private banking services to multi-generation family enterprises - including co-investment options in our proprietary investment portfolio.

In addition to providing investment opportunities beyond the scope of local banks, our investment portfolio provides a laboratory to innovate management techniques. We believe it is insufficient to merely disseminate business-best-practices; indeed, we must also demonstrate this expertise by successfully applying business-best-practices, in the real world. We must be successful doers, to truly be trusted advisors.

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